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King Neptune Night

As many of you already know today is King Neptune Night. This is by far the most popular event that dining services has during the year. Although they have many themed parties there is always a lot of family as well as students from other schools visiting for this particular event.

Fun Fact: There are over 20,000 lobsters ordered for today!

Just a reminder that every dining hall today will be closed between 3-4 PM to get ready for this awesome event. Which means, the even does open up at 4:00 PM, so that’s the best time for you to go before you hit the dinner rush.

There is a major change in the price this year in order to reduce the number of outside visitors and in order to truly make it a student event. So for any of you that have your parents coming down remind them the price is now $64.20 (Tax included) or two guest swipes. As always, it is all you care to eat, but don’t waste any lobsters!

Although many of you might come out for the lobsters, there is a great menu for other great food! There is much, much more besides what is on the menu below. Each dining hall also specializes in different items for the night, so there a few different menu items wherever you go.

Hope to see you guys there!
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