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10 Things That Wouldn’t Exist (as we know them) Without Penn State

1. Fisher Price

fisher price


Herman Fisher used what he learned at Penn State to found the famous toy company.

2. Casablanca



The iconic film was written by Penn State graduate Julius J. Epstein.

3. The Cosby Show and Home Improvement

huxtable-fashion cosby show


Written and produced by PSU alum Carmen Finestra!

4. Anchorman and Talladega Nights

anchorman-quotes-i'm kind of a big deal


Writer and director Adam McKay studied at Penn State.

5. Jackass



Rake Yohn graduated PSU with a degree in synthetic metal chemistry, and then went on to do us proud by tooling around on camera for Jackass.

6. AccuWeather

AccuWeather radar


PSU grad Joel Myers is the founder and CEO.

7. Macs

mac jef raskin


Jef Raskin, who pioneered the Macintosh project for the first Apple Computer, went to Penn State.

8. The NFL

the nfl penn state


Tons of players went to PSU, including Franco Harris, Jack Ham, Shane Conlan, Lenny Moore, and LaVar Arrington.

9. Phil Dunphy

Phil Dunphy


Ty Burrell, who plays the hilarious Modern Family character, is a Penn State alum.

10. Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston friends


Her dad went to Penn State, where (we assume) he learned the skills to attract Jen’s mom.

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